Money is flooding into North Carolina politics. Especially since the Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United decision, which loosened rules on political spending by corporations, unions and other groups, a growing share of that election money is coming from outside groups - those not connected to a candidate or party. And often, the donors are a secret.

FollowNCMoney is North Carolina's first searchable database of independent spending for state-level races. We hope this is a valuable resource for the public, journalists, policy-makers and others wanting to understand the role of money in our democracy.

Last updated: 5:19 pm., April 18


Below is a table of non-party and non-candidate expenditures in North Carolina state-level races for the 2012 and 2014 election cycles. Included are independent expenditures by 501c4s, 501c6s, 527s, PACs, Super PACs and other "outside" spending groups.

Click on the name of the group/committee to show a list of all expenditures by that group. Click on the NC state office name (e.g., NC House District 1) for a list of all expenditures affecting that race. Click on the name of the candidate for all expenditures targeting that candidate. Click on table headers to sort by committee, expenditure date, race, candidate and expenditure amount.