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$1.5 million spent on NC Supreme Court primary

UPDATE: As of June 26, 2014, Follow NC Money's revised totals are $1,483,802 spent on the Hudson primary, with outside spending totaling $1,141,456. Justice for All NC spent $768,790 on its ad attacking Robin Hudson. 

Follow NC Money has tracked $1,492,242 spent on the primary election for incumbent Supreme Court Justice Robin Hudson's seat. This figure combines NC State Board of Elections filings and Federal Communications Commission reports.

Justice for All NC, a conservative-leaning NC-based super PAC, spent nearly $800,000 on an ad attacking Hudson but did not submit a 48-hour report for this independent expenditure; it did, however, report receiving payments of $650,000 and $250,000 from the Republican State Leadership Committee in late April. FCC reports reveal $774,025 spent on this ad; the actual total is higher than this, because TV station WFMY (Greensboro) reported an ad buy but failed to release the cost. Justice for All ran 1,173 TV spots on 17 stations over 16 days, averaging 73 spots per day.

NC Chamber IE, a conservative-leaning super PAC operated by the NC Chamber of Commerce, spent $265,000 on candidate Jeanette Doran and $80,000 on candidate Eric Levinson.

Levinson's campaign reported spending $185,141 on television ads, more than FCC reports show. Hudson, however, reported far less than the $160,410 that FCC reports indicate. A billboard sponsored by Page Communications, LLC, costing $1,400, was the only outside spending to benefit Hudson. Doran's campaign spent nothing on advertising.

Of the total, money benefiting Hudson represented only 11 percent; money benefiting Doran, including the ad attacking Hudson, made up 71 percent.

The NC Chamber, not to be confused with its independent expenditure arm, put $26,266 towards Supreme Court voter guides that did not favor a candidate.

Outside spending in the race came to $1,146,691 - 77 percent of the total. Hudson won with 42.5 percent of the vote. Levinson received 36.5 percent, and Doran, 21 percent.