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March 27, 2014
Image Caption:  As part of transparency initiative pushed by a shareholder, tobacco giant Reynolds American revealed it was a backer of the secretive Renew North Carolina Foundation, which launched in late 2012 to support the agenda of North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory. The Renew North Carolina Foundation, a political nonprofit supporting the agenda of Gov. Pat McCrory, doesn't have to disclose its donors. But thanks to a shareholder push for transparency, we now know that tobacco giant Reynolds American donated $50,000 to the group last year. read more
March 13, 2014
Image Caption:  The IRS is considering a rule that would require dark money groups to disclose their donors, but it's meeting resistance from left and right. Every once in a while, a little light makes its way into the secret world of dark money politics, offering an illuminating glimpse into the way companies and big donors attempt to gain -- and conceal -- their influence. read more
March 7, 2014
Image Caption:  Duke Energy contributed generously to the Republican State Leadership Committee, and that super PAC in turn funneled money back into races for North Carolina courts that are key battlegrounds for the company. In the wake of a massive coal ash spill, Duke Energy's influence with North Carolina lawmakers has drawn heightened scrutiny. But as the utility giant faces new legal challenges, what influence does it have in state courts? read more
February 14, 2014
Image Caption:  Thanks to election law changes in North Carolina championed by GOP mega-donor Art Pope, money will play an even bigger part in deciding who is elected in state judicial races. Art Pope helped rewrite the rules about Big Money's influence in North Carolina's court elections. Now he's taking advantage of the money-drenched system he helped create. Listen to this story via SoundCloud:  read more
January 24, 2014
Image Caption:  An effort to overturn a Supreme Court decision loosening restrictions on money in politics is growing. (Photo by Seth Schneider <a href="">via Flickr</a>.) A January 2010 Supreme Court decision further opened the floodgates to money in politics -- and inspired a growing grassroots push for reform. read more
January 15, 2014
Image Caption:  Nearly half of the TV attack ads in a nationwide blitz launched by Americans for Prosperity in June 2013 have targeted Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina. Nearly half of the TV ads in a national $20 million ad blitz launched by Americans for Prosperity have been directed at Sen. Kay Hagan, solidifying North Carolina's status as a key battleground. read more
January 10, 2014
Image Caption:  Art Pope's political network has enjoyed big success in North Carolina. But in the face of media criticism, Pope and his allies have back-pedaled from taking responsibility for the state's rightward shift. Art Pope and his well-funded political machine take credit for pushing North Carolina to the right when it serves their purposes -- and deny responsibility when thrust into the media spotlight. read more
January 3, 2014
Image Caption:  A Moral Monday protest in Raleigh, N.C. in July 2013. (Photo by TW Buckner via Flickr.) A by-the-numbers look at the political battle underway in North Carolina, where a a right-wing legislature and administration backed by monied special interests is being challenged by a grassroots protest movement that's now spreading to other states. read more
January 2, 2014
Image Caption:  A documentary on the political fights raging in North Carolina is set to begin airing Jan. 3. A leading journalist's TV show will look at the political battles underway in North Carolina, where protesters are fighting back against a right-wing government. read more