Site last updated: 5:00 pm., February 22

Post-election RSLC report shows continued giving from N.C. corporations

The Republican State Leadership Committee, the D.C.-based super PAC that has funded big North Carolina political spenders such as Justice for All NC, filed its post-general election report with the IRS recently. The period covers all of October and most of November. 
N.C. corporate donors include tobacco giant Reynolds American, by far the state's biggest contributor to the group; Reynolds added over $100,000 to its yearly total (over $800,000). It has given over $2.5 million since 2011. 
Duke Energy made two $25,000 donations on October 20 and November 10; the nation's largest utility has given $60,000 this year. This additional $50,000 pushes Duke to number four on the state's 2011-14 RSLC donor list with $285,000, behind only Reynolds, Lorillard Tobacco (now merged with Reynolds), and farming executive Marsha Prestage. 
This year, the RSLC has given $1.3 million to Justice for All, which spent it on two Supreme Court races: an attack ad against Justice Robin Hudson and an ad in support of candidate Mike Robinson. The RSLC also gave $25,000 to Real Jobs NC, which bought ads opposing Democratic state legislative candidates. In 2012, it gave over $1.4 million to those groups and Citizens for Accountability